About Us


Regenesis' mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  We focus on mitigating the negative effects of stress on multiple systems in the body and brain that impact health.  While stress is a necessary part of life, our body and brain can have difficulty at times keeping up with the amount of stress that we are exposed to on a daily basis in today's society.  Most people think of stress as an emotional event that they are dealing with.  There are many other stressors that we deal with on a daily basis that negatively impact our health and our ability to maintain "peak performance."  Examples may include pain, injury, free radical chemical damage from environmental and certain food exposures, as well as a lack of proper nutrients to combat these stressors.  While most people will look at a food label and see a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) listed to try to determine whether a product they are eating is going to meet daily needs, we are able to do testing to further evaluate for deficiencies.  Unfortunately the RDA is a bare minimum number that tells us what amount of a vitamin or mineral our body typically needs to avoid having a disease (vitamin D and Rickets).  Our focus is more on optimal levels in our patients in order to improve health and wellbeing.  We also may look at hormone changes that can occur with stress that negatively impact our mood, energy levels, ability to recover from injury, and our ability to sleep.  Long term stress hormone changes that are not addressed unfortunately can negatively impact bone density, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure, cholesterol, memory and repair of injured tissues.